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Pharmawind Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Capsule Manufacturers in Gujarat. The company was started in 2019 and since then has offered the best products and services to the nation. 

The company also satisfies international clients by extending its product supply to the international market. Pain Relief Capsules Exporters are crucial, and such medicines offer comfort and relief for the patients.

The company follows all the standard norms in manufacturing the capsules and extends its supply chain to a vast area. The best infrastructure and skilled professionals are the backbones of our success. 

The fair price rate of the capsule is also an added advantage to our company, and we satisfy all our customers by supplying the standard quality of medicines at a fair price rate. 

Capsules manufactured by us:

The following are the capsules manufactured by our company under the supervision of experts in the field. The capsules include

  • Omerprazole Bp 20mg Domperidone Bp 10mg capsules
  • 150mg Fluconazole capsules
  • 2.5mg Ramipril capsules
  • 40mg Artemether capsules
  • Flunarizine 5mg and propranolol 40mg capsules
  • 2mg Loperamide Hydrochloric capsules
  • 150mg Rifampicin capsules and so on

Our company has the potential to manufacture 1000 capsules per day and can complete the client's requirement within a week.

As the best Softgel Pharma Capsules Suppliers and Exporters from India, We timely delivery of the product is the appreciable quality, and we maintain the relationship with our clients by supplying the products on time. Hence, we are known in the industry for our quality and timely supply of the products.


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