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Pharmawind Healthcare Private Ltd.
About Us

Pharmawind Healthcare Private Ltd.

Pharmawind Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is located in Surat, the business city in Gujarat, India, that produces a wide range of Allopathic Medicines Manufacturers that help treat mild to severe disease conditions. The essential s that our company manufacture is as follows

  • Capsules
  • Painkiller
  • Dry syrup
  • Medicine
  • Antibiotic

We offer medicines at the best price rates for the benefit of the consumers

Our Mission:

We aims to serve consumers with effective pharmaceutical s at a reasonable and fair price. The motto and mission of our company are to serve humanity with all the essential life-saving drugs to improve the health condition of the affected people.

Research and development process:

We continue our research and development plans to meet the industry's challenges. The researchers are in progress to develop better quality formulations that can make human life free from diseases and improve the better standard of their lives. 

We care about our environment to a greater extent and hence ensure zero wastage of available resources and follow effective ion methods that do not cause any harm to the society and environment.

The leadership team and the staffs work and maintain a proven record for developing and commercializing the s for better patient care. Our company portfolio focuses on meeting up the serious medical needs of patients worldwide.

Available facilities:

High tech quality control and quality assurance is the aim of our company. Our operations involve various advanced equipment and lab facilities that help maintain the standard quality of our s.

Our ion process considers the safety of the professionals and protects the professionals and the environment by applying essential safety measures.

Our ion unit includes all the essential facilities like technological advancement for monitoring and installing sewage water treatment plants to meet up the water requirement of the ion.

As a prominent Pharma Company In India, Our ion unit includes a testing laboratory and quality control department to ensure the quality of the s. All the technical advancements help in large-scale commercial ion of the s and thereby satisfy our customers by supplying the medicines on time.

Years Experience

Having begun its journey in 2019, We are now one of the leading Pharma Manufacturing Company In India.

Team Members

Pharmawind Healthcare has an Experienced Researcher, Production and Quality Testing Teams.

Satisfied Clients

It is our daily effort to improve our products and to check the quality in order for our Client satisfaction.

Quality Production

We follow global quality standards, including research & development quality and technical operations.


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