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Dry Syrup

Dry Syrup

Pharmawind Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted Dry Syrup Manufacturers In Gujarat that provides drugs for various medical problems, and it also has products in different varieties. Though several kinds of Syrups are available, many doctors prefer to suggest dry syrups for their patients. These dry syrups are dry and powder forms of medicines useful for various medical issues. People who need to use this medicine should mix the necessary powder in the water to consume the medication. The products available from this manufacturer are more effective, and they also help many people to recover from their illnesses.

Different dry syrups available with PharmaWind

This company provides three different kinds of dry syrup products for users. These available products are oral suspensions which mean those products are available in tablet forms. The different kinds of dry syrup products are

  • 125mg erythromycin Estolate Oral Suspension
  • Artemether 20mg Plus Lumefantrine 120 mg oral suspension
  • 100 mg azithromycin oral suspension

So, these are the dry syrup medicines available with PharmaWind healthcare. Doctors and medical institutions that need these kinds of Dry Syrup Suppliers and Exporters can get their products from this company, which provides the best quality products that help people improve their medical conditions.

Details about the dry syrup products

Doctors, medical clinics, or medical institutes who need to order these products can visit the company's official site to get better details. The delivery time for these products is about one week, and the supply ability of this company is about 1000 a day, and they can also provide these products with perfect packages. Additionally, people purchasing these products should know some details like these products are available in tablet form and need to be in a dry place while storing.

We are one of the top Third Party Dry Syrups Manufacturing Company in India. Similarly, individual people without any proper doctor advice are not allowed to purchase these products, and the company will not provide their products for these kinds of people. So, these are some points that people need to know about the pharmaceutical dry syrup products available with this drug manufacturer.


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